Advice for Creatives

Whether you’re a recent grad or a creative leader, here you’ll find advice and wisdom from industry experts on how best to navigate a creative career

The art of writing a brief

We look into why briefs are so imperative to get right, the difference between advertising and design briefs, and whether visuals have any place in them


How to write a great advertising slogan

Here, our advertising correspondent breaks down the methodology for creating a great slogan, by examining some of the iconic endlines of the past. But is there really a formula for brilliant creative work?

How much do you earn?

Every single person at How&How knows what their colleagues are being paid, from the most junior designer to the studio’s owners. The branding studio’s co-founder Cat How discusses the pros and cons of total salary transparency

Logo lessons from Tom Geismar

What does it take to design a symbol that lasts for 60 years, and should all designers go back to the drawing board? CR catches up with esteemed graphic designer and logo legend Tom Geismar

George Lois

Remembering George Lois

George Lois – legendary art director, ad man, and creative whirlwind – has died aged 91. In this interview from 2012, he reflected on his life and work, including creating the I Want My MTV slogan, and interactions with the likes of Bob Dylan and Muhammad Ali

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On client work vs personal work

Though working for commercial clients can be a fulfilling and lucrative path for creatives today, balancing this alongside personal projects benefits everyone, says Ravi Amaratunga Hitchcock


What marketers really want from agencies

A survey of 500 CMOs by Dentsu Creative will make salutary reading for agencies, but also reveals how central creativity and design are to business, says Patricia McDonald, chief strategy director at Dentsu Creative

Image shows a CGI lion with green eyes looming over a person created by Creature London

How to sell your agency

The ad agency Creature London was recently acquired by Dutch group Candid. Here, CEO Dan Cullen-Shute gives a frank, funny and insightful account of what the team at the agency learned during the process

Inside the VFX talent crisis

The VFX industry has been hit by talent shortages, leaving crews under-resourced and over-stretched. We speak to four facilities – DNEG, Coffee & TV, Framestore and Cheat – about what’s led to the recruitment issues in the UK and what can be done to remedy them

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Are copyright battles destroying creativity?

In an industry where people are often badly paid, it’s important to protect the ownership of creative work and ideas. But is this leading to a litigious culture that will ultimately suppress creativity? Richard Holman examines both sides of the question

What Charles and Ray Eames can teach designers today

Charles & Ray Eames didn’t just create iconic pieces of design – they thought of themselves as ‘tradesmen’ whose job was to create better, longer-lasting products. Llisa Demetrios, Eames Institute chief curator and granddaughter of the pair, discusses what we can learn from them

In search of an ending

Should brands be considering what happens at the end of a product’s life as much as its beginning? Designer Joe Macleod thinks so

Sarah Boris on the joy of being your own boss

Graphic designer and artist Sarah Boris has always charted her own course through the creative industries, from starting out in-house rather than at a studio, to setting up her own practice in 2015. She discusses what she’s learned along the way

How to focus in a world of distractions

How can creatives manage their ‘whizzy’ brains, and is our pursuit of concentration doomed to fail? Illustrator and writer Ben Tallon discusses how to avoid the demons of procrastination, and still find time to let the brain percolate

Trust and the designer-client relationship

Trust is the essential component to making great creative work. Here, designer and co-founder of Wolff Olins, Michael Wolff, examines its role in our personal and work lives, in brands, and in how we use design to shape the world we want to live in

The pros and cons of making merch

Leta Sobierajski, David Shrigley and Morag Myerscough weigh in on the ups and downs of making merchandise and products – from the joy of designing tangible objects to the challenges of getting it right