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Exposure: Sasha Arutyunova

Following an upbringing split between Russia and the US, Sasha Arutyunova uses photography to help create connection and intimacy. Gem Fletcher speaks to her about her practice

Call of Duty 3D billboard

What’s next for 3D billboards?

We’ve recently seen a glut of exciting billboards demonstrate the magic of 3D. Here, Thomas Valente, ECD of Inertia Studios, examines how creatives can help move the medium beyond a gimmick

Why UX writers need to be chameleons

As UX writing continues to grow, we hear from Foolproof’s Jennifer Thompson about whether long-form ever works when writing for an interface, how UX writers can satisfy accessibility criteria, and how language feeds into dark UX


The rise of abstract logos

Many brands are ditching their well trodden logos in favour of a more abstract approach. Here we unpack this trend and examine whether legibility should be a concern

The art of writing a brief

We look into why briefs are so imperative to get right, the difference between advertising and design briefs, and whether visuals have any place in them

Why words can make or break brands

We speak to Rae Boocock at content and communications agency Sonder & Tell about the ongoing battle to avoid clichéd language, and why storytelling isn’t just for the marketing team


How to write a great advertising slogan

Here, our advertising correspondent breaks down the methodology for creating a great slogan, by examining some of the iconic endlines of the past. But is there really a formula for brilliant creative work?

The return of the serif

After taking an extended sabbatical from the world of branding, serif typefaces are suddenly back in favour. We speak to type designer Lynne Yun and F37 founder Rick Banks about what that means

How much should arts unis be pushing purpose?

Do art and design universities have a responsibility to drive social purpose or is it a distraction for students? We hear from UAL’s chief social purpose officer Polly Mackenzie, designer Sana Iqbal, and LJMU programme leader Pete Thomas

What is studio culture and why does it matter?

DesignStudio’s Elise Santangelo-Rous balances her role as ECD with a responsibility for improving and adapting its creative culture. She tells CR why that’s so important, and how people’s expectations are changing how the business works