Titi Finlay

Titi Finlay on social, storytelling and sneaker culture

The social media maven and artist discusses the importance of social and content in getting audiences to “believe” in brands, plus how an obsession with sneakers has guided her career

It’s fair to say that Titi Finlay has a knack for keeping plates spinning. On a typical day, the London-based creative can be found doing copywriting, social creative, art direction, creative strategy, and design for everyone from household name brands to fashion startups. She’s also built up an impressive following for the art side of her practice – specifically, her bold graphics, paintings and statement prints, which champion inclusivity in the traditionally male-dominated world of sneakers.

Art has always been Finlay’s first love; she originally studied fine art at the University of Dundee before moving to London in 2014 with plans to pursue it full-time. “My first few years here were so tough. I was applying left right and centre for open exhibitions and grants with no luck,” she tells CR. After spending three years working in hospitality, the artist knew it was time to change tack.

“I decided to start cold-emailing people I admired in the creative world, asking if I could intern for them for free in exchange for any knowledge or connections they could give me. I did anything and everything from copywriting, to social media, to design, to styling, and learned so much,” she says.

Titi Finlay
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