Creative Process

Insights and back stories on the making of creative work

Baz Luhrmann Oscars

Exposure: Sinna Nasseri

Whether he’s photographing a political rally, a plastic surgeon at work or a celebrity, Sinna Nasseri’s images are close up and intimate. Gem Fletcher profiles his work

Ruth Negga, for Mastermind

Exposure: Tess Ayano

Japanese-American photographer Tess Ayano aims to make images to record what she feels rather than what she sees. We talk to her about her work, which crosses fashion, editorial and documentary

Matt Williams on making a career change

Previously a footwear designer, Williams made the shift into illustration four years ago and is now working for clients including Nike and Vogue. He talks about the challenges he’s faced and the changes he’d like to see in the industry

Leanne Rule

In praise of silliness

Providing the perfect antidote to our serious times, Leanne Rule’s illustrations and animations have caught the eye of everyone from femcare brand Libresse to the makers of Love Island

50th Anniversary of Pride 50p with original artwork

Behind the scenes at the Royal Mint

The designers at the Royal Mint have recently made special edition coins to celebrate everything from the Platinum Jubilee to Pride to the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin. Hazel Davis talks to them about how they are made