Graphic shows two cans of Fanta surrounded by illustrations of fruit and droplets

Fanta unveils bubbly global branding

Illustrations and typography enhance the soft drink’s first global brand identity, which aims to bring consistency to its designs around the world

Fanta has joined the legions of soft drinks brands unveiling a new look as of late, including PepsiCo’s Pepsi and 7Up in the last six weeks alone.

The redesign for Fanta, which is owned by the Coca-Cola Company, marks the brand’s first effort to create a consistent design system across all of its markets around the world.

The new identity and packaging design were both led by the Coca-Cola Global Design team in collaboration with Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR), which is fresh from launching a new look for Stella Artois.

Graphic of the new Fanta wordmark written in white uppercase letters, with an exaggerated blue shadow, shown on a bright orange background

The new logotype is a fairly subtle evolution of the previous iteration launched in 2017. The letterforms are slightly more even now, but they’re still extruded and staggered as they were before, and blue continues to play an important role, though the shade has been newly tweaked.

A new custom typeface has also been developed with type foundry Colophon, which has just the right amount of wonky angles and proportions.

Graphic shows typography developed for the new Fanta branding
Image shows five cans of Fanta hovering over a bright blue background

The most noticeable change to the wordmark is the loss of the orange motif and leaf, presumably so that people don’t just associate the brand with its well-known orange flavour.

The expanded colour palette was chosen to drive home the different options in the Fanta line-up, reinforced by a series of fruity graphics indicating the various flavours that appear on the cans. The suite of fruit symbols seen throughout the visual identity are complemented by Lucas Wakamatsu’s joyful illustrations, which work particularly well when animated.

Animation of an illustrated character with long red hair carrying a bottle of purple Fanta on their shoulders while running
Animation of an illustrated character carrying a bottle of green Fanta on their shoulders

“We were really inspired by the idea of bringing playfulness to consumers of all ages when we started to ideate around how to bring the brand’s purpose to the masses,” said JKR’s global ECD, Lisa Smith.

“By thinking what this meant for the brand’s expression, attitude, and actions, we were able to build a distinctive brand identity that signalled Fanta’s commitment to fun at every level – from real life to digital.”

Image shows a range of Fanta drinks cans lined up on a bright blue background
Image of advertisements showing the new Fanta branding, which read 'When you have fun'
Image shows the new Fanta branding and illustrations on social media
Image shows an advertisement featuring the new Fanta branding which reads 'New point of view' in colourful letters next to a photograph of a person's face
Graphic showing illustrations of fruit on a bright blue background
A set of six illustrations created for the new Fanta branding showing people's hands holding bottles of fanta in different colours