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Why branding will be vital in the AI race

Pentagram partner Jody Hudson-Powell discusses the visual language that is emerging around AI, and the importance of brand when it comes to building trust in the rapidly developing technology

AI has been gradually pervading our lives for years now, but over the last 12 months the technology has well and truly entered mainstream consciousness, thanks to generative AI tools such as text-to-image generators Dall-E 2 and Midjourney and chatbot ChatGPT. In January, ChatGPT reached 100 million monthly users – an even faster rate of adoption than social media giants such as Instagram and TikTok. Unsurprisingly, the pace of development is provoking much debate, with discussions ranging from AI’s big fat copyright problem to whether it has the potential to replace human creativity altogether.

For designers, one of the challenges that presents itself with any new technology or sector is how to approach building the visual world that surrounds it. In other words, what should an AI brand look like? In Jody Hudson-Powell’s case, it’s a question that has fascinated him since the early noughties, during his student days at Central Saint Martins. “I recently found some old work that I was doing on the subject of AI, looking at interactivity and visualising behaviour and how it could be interpreted as intelligence,” he tells CR.

Satalia Pentagram
Satalia Pentagram
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